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Help a Family in need this Christmas

ahteal started this conversation

I can't believe I am writing this.  I don't know what else to do.  My husband and I both work long hours each on opposing schedules so we can keep our two boys ( 3 & 5 years old), out of Daycare.  Our older son now goes to Kindergarten.  We are living paycheck to paycheck.  We sometimes don't even have enough to get by on each week.  I have to feed my entire family on hotdogs and bolona because after paying our monthly living expenses & trying to keep our creditors happy.  I usually only have about $20 per week for food. 

I used to work as a Pizza Delivery Driver but as the gas started skyrocketing, people stopped tipping.  I started putting i more hours and I still came home with less than half of what I usually made before gas went up.  After I deducted my gas, oil and maintenence most weeks I was barely making anything after working 45+ hours & driving over 300 miles delivering pizza.  It was acually costing us more for me to keep the job so I had to leave.  We put ourselves on a very tight budget.  Got ride of everything that was not necessay, I mean everything, but we still are just scraping by.

Christmas is just around the corner & I can barely feed my children.  I have no idea how I am going to be able to get them anything for Christmas.  Our 5 year old has severe Asthma & we spend alot of time at the Doctors & Pharmacy with him.  Even with our insurance we spend about $300 a month just on Dr & Rx co-pays.

When I say we are barely scraping by I mean it.  We live in a tiny 2 bedroom mobile home that is 618 sq. feet.  We have had it up fpr sale for about 6 months now.  If we can sell it we can pay off some of our debts & rent a small apt. 


If anyone out there could help us it will be greatly appreciated.  Even just a few dollars.  At this point every dolloar makes a difference for my boys.  Thank you for your time and your thoughts and prayers for my family.


A. Teal

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lianna   in reply to mommydesperate
My husband and r grandparents of a 5 year old, we have been raising him since he was 3 months. His parents do not help and we live on my husband's as check.We do what we can to make his life good but it seems to be getting harder every year.someone please help. I'm in such a panic.
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Need help lost job after thanksgiving I have two girls please help me one is on oxygen.
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family looking for a miracle!!   in reply to 3595
Hi i tried to email you at the email address you gave and it would not let me so im not sure if maybe you typed it in wrong but my family could use some help thanks so if you want to msg me for the details that would be fine have a great day!!!
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marryme   in reply to 3595
I am writting fasty cause in libraray me & family just need enough to spend a gopod christmas together I am a 60 yr, old cancer diagnosed a week ago with many health problems please hel; have to leave comp. til tom please reply a.s.a.p. bless you!
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Hi. Can you tell me where you are located? I want to help
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look'n 2 help
My family is looking to help a family with young kids that need a little help with Christmas in the Houston area. Contact us at
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 in response to Secret Santa123456789...   Hi! I live in San Diego, CA and need Christmas help for my 7yr. old son, please 1 gift all I ask just to put smile on my son face got christmas tree but not a single present. Thank you so much if you can or cant not help me, god bless you and yours Happy Holidays. my cell 619-770-6786 my name is Lulu e-mail
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The giver
i will try my best and will pray for you and your family i will see what i can do
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Secret Santa123456789
Sorry I live in CA
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 in response to Secret Santa123456789...   Orange County North Carolina
Talk to PLEASE HELP!!!!
Secret Santa123456789
 in response to PLEASE HELP!!!!...   Where ate you located? I would love to help of close!
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Secret Santa123456789
Hey if you need some Christmas magic and you live in San Diego county please email me at
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frightened mom
Yes I am a mother of a little boy who is autistic,and adhd we have hit hard times my husband works hard while i stay at home to be there for him we can barely live on what we get by the time we pay our rent and our bills we have nothing left for gas or food for the next 2 weeks waiting for the next money to come i have manged to get him a few presents but now worried not goin to be able to feed him for 2 weeks if there is a god im praying that there is some kind of help out there im so worried whats gonna happen we are so backed up on our gas and electric im afraid soon we will be sitting with out heat and electric everyone tells me that Christmas mircles do happen well we will see thank you for listening to a very concerned mother
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hi i need help with christmas i live in morgantown wv i have no money by the time i paid rent utles i was broke i have a 6 year old handycaped child 16 year old im unable to work due to health problems, my husband helps with the kids, i have no tree nothing no if u or any one could please help me e mail me thank u
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If you need help email-
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 in response to dessie...   my name is jennyfer anything its possible with prayer
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my name is jennyfer i know what u going throw email me if u need more help
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 in response to nasir...   All i have to give is my prayers,i am also very poor for the last two years.i have mad it through with faith,and i also beleave in the power of lets all pray in jesuses name.!!!
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 in response to djpcan...   Could really use help. I am helping to take care of my god-son and honestly all the income coming in is being used for rent, food, and basic clothing. i put him first in everything and though i teach him christmas is not about gifts, because we are christians, what 8 year old boy doesn't want toys for christmas, remote control cars, and games. I don't have a tragic story, no one died, and I am not diseased, I am just a hard working 34 year old woman, living in NYC, dedicating time to our youth in the public schools. But at times get a lil frustrated that I can't even buy my own self new clothes,or my mother, father, god-son, sisters, a simple christmas gift, because I use every paycheck to stay a float. 300.00 to 500.00 dollars would make a wonderful christmas, Or we wouldn't have to exchange money at all I could just make a wish list of a few items. My purpose is by no means to take advantage, but i have learned that asking for what you would like in prayer sometimes goes a long way! Even if you can not help, I pray your hoilday is a blessed one! thank you!
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hello,I am a 20 year old single mother who needs help with christmas gifts for my daughter who is 8 months and my little brother who is 9. If there is someone out there who would like to help a family in need please email me and we can talk and god bless
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