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Help a Family in need this Christmas

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Hello. My company is seeking to help a family of 5 or less to help for Christmas this year (2009) Please email me at asap. I will get in contact as soon as i get your email. Thank you.

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I'm not sure if you were responsing to my post or not. I'm Crystal Frisbie and I'm located in Clayton, North Carolina. If you need any more information please let me know. thank you for your concern. Happy Holidays!!!

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Ashley Janae

Please Help My Family For Christmas. My Mom Has Many Health Problems And We Have No Money To Buy Things For Christmas. There Is 5 Kids & 1 Mom. [[26 Year Old(Girl), 23 Year Old(male), 21 Year Old(male), 17 Year Old(male), 16 Year Old[Me, Girl].]] & There Are 5 Grand Kids. [[10 Yr Old Boy, 6 Yr Old Girl, 3 Yr Old Girl, 5 Month Old Boy, 6 Month Old Girl.]] Please Help My Family. My Mother Is Devastated.

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here is my phone number 303 301 5751

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hi i am melissa i need help to get some baby stuff for my baby boy for christmas this year he is 5month old he needs a crib and a walker and some close too and some toys

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i need some baby stuff for christmas this year he is a boy

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The telephone number is out of service.  If anybody knows how I can contact Debbie please reply.

God bless

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hello my name is crystal frisbie and live in Clayton, NC. I am in need of help with xmas this year. I have two disabled children and recently had to take in my neice and her daughter, which is one years old. We live check by check and my husband is the only one working because of my childrens needs I have to be home for them. I am recently in forcloser and have no way to afford xmas this year. Since we have new additions to our family I am trying to have at least one present for each child under the tree. If anyone can help me or give me some advice on how to get help I would really appreciate it.


Thank you Happy Holidays!

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Where are you located?  I am doing a toy drive for kids this Christmas...  We have lots of stuff for 3 and 5 year old boys!

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Angel Chapter

A. Teal,


Where are you located?

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Hi, Debbie.  Please read my pageson getting items for free, holiday freebies and more.  I have lot so flinks - hope they help you!

Best wishes, Rosie

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